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Lifestyle and Eye health

Prevention really is better than cure. As individuals we can do a lot to reduce the progression and sometimes even prevent disease which robs us of sight and independence.

Quit Smoking

Smoking results in a 3 x increased risk of AMD. Of course smoking is also implicated in the progression of diabetic disease, heart disease and lung disease as well as dementia. Stopping smoking is likely the single biggest change you can make to achieve health positivity.

Sun Protection

The powerful australian sun has been implicated in a number of pathological conditions affecting the eye, including pterygium, ocular surface cancer, cataract and sometimes disabling glare in in patients with retinal problems.

The eyes can be protected by wearing a hat, wrap around sunglasses or transition lenses when outdoors.

Exercise and Weight control

In additon to benefits increasing bone density and cardiovascular health exercise can also enhance indepdence and provide important to aids to maintaining balance and mobility. This aids in preventing falls which can be a particular concern for patients with low vision. In addition the mental health benefits of exercise and active participation in the community cannot be overlooked.

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