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Laser, Cataract, Macula, Surgery


Diabetes is a condition which affects the whole body. 

In the eye it causes damage to the smallest blood vessels, leading to problems from oxygen starvation and leaky blood vessels. 

Prevention is the key to diabetic management and you can do this by controlling your blood sugar. Working closely with your medical team we must manage your blood pressure and cholesterol, maximised exercise and avoid smoking.

Despite this diabetes can affect the retina and the macula. 

Diabetic retinopathy result in small bleeds inside the eye, which can become significant if new blood vessels develop and leak blood which can obscure vision. These "new" blood vessels are harmful and need to be treated with laser treatment.

Diabetic Macular oedema can cause loss of central vision slowly and needs modern treatment with injections and laser. 

With close cooperation between yourself and your medical team, most people with diabetes are able to maintain their sight through their life.

As a vitreoretinal surgeon Dr Dubey specialises in complex and advanced diabetic eye disease. He will work with you throught the latest treatments whether medical, laser or surgical. 

Diabetic Eye Disease: Service
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